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The gamble pays off, with the elderly juror changing his vote and the remaining jurors committed to their part of the deal. The syndicated press appealed the ruling with fervor. They are - ah - irreverent.

Then God orders all the Human Beings living in the community to murder the condemned. Now they needed to research the suspect, to find out more about him. A sister of Ramirez told the press he wanted to plead guilty, a desire frustrated by his attorneys, but the suspect made no public display of repentance.

He is the one who gets the others to actually think about the evidence closely. I always recommend you watch the movie before reading the analysis so as not to spoil a great movie. He loved the way their bodies jerked upon impact. Sold your car AND your bike? The burden of proof is on the prosecution.

Edmonds, Los Angeles County assistant sheriff. Counsel will approach the bench. If a man marries a woman and her mother, murder them by burning all three of them to death. Between the time he departed his native Texas and the time he took up killing innocent people, Richard Ramirez encountered minor run-ins with the law.

This move, though necessary, provoked more delays. Take him outside the camp and let the whole community murder him.

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Certainly, the modus operandi bore his logo: According to Torah notes - that is about 3 million people. The devil, the ghost, the ghoul, the phantom, the stalker. It is obvious, Judge, that the defense proves to know his Bible.

He comes across as compassionate, thoughtful, sincere and genuine, qualities which attract followership. Six of the jurors were Latino. Look out for further articles in this series. On the other hand, how realistic is someone who believes in a Human "virgin birth" and then believes that the same man, who is dead supposedly for 3 days and 3 nights, which measures out to be about a day and a half then comes back to life?

I love all that blood. The constant, traditional threat of "Eternal Torment has erased the conscience of most gullible minds. Scouring the neighborhoods where he had already struck, blue uniforms questioned strangers, stopped midnight strollers, clambered for witnesses. He was, for that matter, the first to sense that the valley had another serial killer on the loose.

As a juror, you have a legal oath to rule on the evidence.


Everyone, over twenty years old, who was counted is going to die in the desert. He seemed preoccupied with Satanism and stories about black magic, demons and dragons.

Sir, if you think that you can chip away at the sacred mind-set of hope, faith and belief in my courtroom, you will be in contempt of my court and I will see that you spend eternity in jail.

Saturday when he entered a small liquor store at S. June 27 Killed in her home, her throat slashed. You tell him, Judge! Would I personally murder or have murdered all of these Human Beings?

After haggling caused delays, Barraza finally backed off, announcing he was not prepared to stay with a trial that he expected to last years. The defense emotionally yells: In a Democracy, we elect our leaders to represent us, not to rule over us.

This last technique has an associated lesson for leaders. Keep your spirit strong. Linedecker in his Night Stalker. If a man or woman acts as a fortuneteller, murder them.Vote of 10 to 2: As the votes are read by the foreman, the 10th (of 11 votes) is "Not guilty" - one juror has changed his vote.

Juror # 10 is exasperated and angry: "Boy, how do ya like that? All right, who was it? Prejudice in 12 Angry Men - 12 Angry Men is about 12 men who are the jury for an 18 year old accused of murder. The judge states in the opening scene that it is a premeditated murder in the 1st degree, if found guilty will automatically receive the death penalty.

The plot of12 Angry Men revolves around the murder trail of a Latino boy who is accused of killing his father. The conviction of the boy would mean a death sentence and the destiny of the boy's life is in the hands of twelve male jurors of ranging personalities. 12 Angry Men () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more.

This is a play that needs to be seen either on TV or in the theater for the reader to grasp the full intensity behind the story of the twelve angry men. Imagine you’re in a meeting with 11 of your peers. They are all in agreement and keen to move on. You are the only one to have doubts, but the stakes are extraordinarily high: a man.

Twelve angry man juror 10
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