How to write a metes and bounds legal description

An ILC is typically used in the single-family residential transactions for property located within a subdivision. Beware of legal descriptions that have precise north-south, east-west courses as ground directions are almost without exception not that precise.

A Construction Survey controls positions, elevations, dimensions, and configurations of work in progress. A Vertical Control Survey creates a master system of elevation control points referenced to an imaginary surface such as sea level. Even if the Lessor does not own the entire mineral estate in the lands to be lease, an oil and gas lease almost never describes the interest owned by the Lessor.

I did not hire a surveyor, but you were in my yard digging holes, why? Involve all owners of the adjoining tracts and have lienholders and mortgage holders consent and ratify the agreement. Artificial markers today may consist of temporary wooden stakes or more permanent iron rods or pipes and concrete.

Informatik Mapdraw is an easy-to-use, powerful deed plotting system for land title insurance, real estate, legal and land survey professionals. These legal descriptions of land can usually be found where ever public records are kept, i.

In construction projects surveys may reference elevations or grades as well as drainage, utilities, and easements. A simple signed permission document may also typically be adequate. An oil and gas lease can cover only certain defined depths — for example, from the surface of the ground to 5, feet subsurface — or certain known formations — for example, the Eagle Ford formation.

A typical street address is not legally sufficient as it does not describe the boundaries of the property, only the general location. Most lease forms contain a clause like the following: Adverse Possession transfers ownership of non-public land by open occupancy and continuous use under a claim of ownership for a statutorily specified period of years.

The Oil and Gas Lease — Part III: the Leased Premises

The engineering mechanics of surveying begin with an established point of commencement and the description of a line by "course" or compass "bearing" and distance a "call" that runs from this point to the closest corner of the parcel being surveyed creating a "point of beginning".

The purpose of the clause is to include small strips of land and mineral interests under adjacent roads that are owned by the Lessor but are not included in the description of the leased premises.

Some legal description of property examples are pretty simple, including a lot and block, within the name of a subdivision. In the box that pops up, you can enter the calls you have one at a time. Hand out survey plats of varying complexity. If someone is interested in conveying property to another person, there needs to be a detailed way of describing the boundaries of the property.

Writing Legal Descriptions Module Objective: There are very sophisticated and expensive computer programs to assist in engineering design and drafting.

Hence, the above example would read "N The Public Land Survey System in shorthand fashion created numbered rectangular grids of one square mile each a "section" of acres from a Base Line a parallel of latitude and Principal Meridian a north-south line. In this case, a true survey i.

Metes and bounds

Some options are stackable, so you can right-click more than once for the same segment, but you must do them in the right order length first just goes at the angle of the cursor.

When you want to find the legal description of the property, you designate the POB, point of beginning. There are several ways North might be described: These types of descriptions are more precise and accurate than informal description such as street addresses. Nowadays, all of that is done on a computer.

The best thing to do is to call us to discuss your project. The Pacific Railroad Act of granted railroads public lands in exchange for construction.

This is a grid of squares, which was adopted back inand used ever since for legal description of the land. The description is legally sufficient if a competent surveyor can locate the parcel of land using that description.

Sequence conveyances were common in California; many properties were conveyed by individual deeds with metes and bounds legal descriptions.

How complete and accurate are they? Parcels can be described by Lot and Block platted propertyor by metes and bounds. Surveys and Certificates There are many methods and purposes for describing and identifying property that the real estate licensee will encounter and with which he or she should be familiar.

Note that an official appearing diagram of a deed description is at best a working sketch and should not be called a survey.

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An ILC is not: True North geographic north poleMagnetic North magnetic north poleAssumed North a direction established by previous tracts or ground markersand Grid North parallel to a public grid line.The lease itself can contain a metes and bounds description from a survey, or (more commonly) it can refer to an earlier recorded document that contains a metes and bounds description of the property.

Metes and Bounds SURVEYS Program Manager), along with the CADD files and a legal description. Any legal description written will commence at the nearest offset point with the lowest stationing off the construction centerline thence clockwise around the parcel.

If the construction centerline is not available, an. Jul 11,  · When evaluating a metes and bounds description the "priority of calls" or "rules of dignity of calls" moves in the following priority hierarchy from most to least important: natural objects.

Some examples of an incorrect legal description in a recorded deed include, but are not limited to, a wrong call in the metes and bounds legal description of the property conveyed, an incorrect lot number in a platted legal description, or an incorrect plat book reference.

Land title staff are unable to advise on legal rights or actions associated with land titles and charges. The Registrar of Land Titles and staff. Understanding and Drafting Metes & Bounds Descriptions In A GIS - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

A simple guide to understanding Metes and Bounds Legal Descriptions and how to draft them in a GIS.

How to write a metes and bounds legal description
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