Costco wholesale club strategic plan essay

The fact that these laws are enacted by individual states limited the effects on Costco. Many warehouses also have gas stationspharmacieshearing aid centers, optometristseye and sunglass centers, photo processorsand tire garages.

Lighting costs are reduced on sunny days, as most Costco locations have several skylights. For example, the bulgogi bake is only available in Korea and Japan and poutine is only available in Canada.

Costco currently operates 22 warehouses throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Costco Travel employs over travel professionals, all of them Costco employees.

It is clear that treating their stakeholders right is essential to their operations, and it is equally as clear that their vision works. As a retail firm, Costco depends on consumer purchasing capacities. While the club doesn't provide mortgage services, it does offer discounted accounting services and tax help.

Last year, online retail sales were up 11 percent, compared to 2. California is also susceptible to many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and forest fires. Of the stores in the U. By growing internationally, the company diversifies its income sources, gains valuable new experience and further benefits from economies of scale.

Costco’s Mission, Business Model, Strategy & SWOT

Since about two-thirds of the United States gross domestic product comes from retail stores, many consumers are reliant on the products of retail stores for their everyday needs. The main technological change in this industry is the continued growth of online shopping, as well as internet advertising.

So what exactly makes Costco so successful?

Costco Wholesale Corporation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Costco must maintain competitive advantage to ensure long-term viability. The Costco team seems to not only have formulated a strategy that best supports their business mentality, but one that can also withstand the constantly evolving competitive industry.

Costco has published a statement saying it has had a supplier code of conduct since which does not allow this practice, and that independent auditors check for violations regularly. Sometimes consumers will like a certain products, then when a new one comes along the old product will get disbanded.

Demand Media, 24 May Costco also faces the risk of an increasing number of wholesale clubs emerging in the California retail market.

They have large parking spaces for trucks and are capable of delivering goods to businesses in bulk quantities. Do they have a responsibility to act in the best interest of all stakeholders? Members get reduced rates on hotels, vacation packages, cruises, and rental cars.

The ethics of Costco

Costco offers many national brand products, as well products under its private label Kirkland.In other words, Costco has mostly stuck to their knitting: wholesale retail.

Management hasn't broken into new or unrelated businesses in which they don't have much experience.

SWOT Analysis of Costco

This strategic analysis will be devoted to analyze the environmental factors that affect the Warehouse Clubs industry in the US. To develop the business strategies and make recommendations for Costco, it is crucial to examine the internal and external factors that affect Costco.

Best Information Technology Vision Statement

The company also sells a limited number of items. Despite Costco's large store volume, it has been known to sell a fraction of the number of toothpaste brands as Wal-Mart, according to The New. spoons or disposable papers. Costco Wholesale Australia | 82 Waterloo Road, NSW,Australia Personal Hygiene Every employee should look clean and be clean upon reporting to work.

When working in a food preparation area: Keep your hair clean and neat. Costco Wholesale Club Strategic Plan Essay Words | 27 Pages Evan Wabrick Strategic Plan Dr. Watts 4/18/ Strategic Plan for Costco Wholesale Corporation Executive Summary The retail industry is an extremely competitive environment that poses many challenges for Costco Wholesale Corporation and its competitors.

Costco Wholesale Corporation (trading as Costco) is the largest American membership-only warehouse club. It has been aggressively infiltrating global markets with retail innovation practices that have created a cult-like consumer following characterized as "The Costco Craze.".

Costco wholesale club strategic plan essay
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